The Board of Directors provides overall direction and guidance to the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective (HGLHC), including formulating policy and raising funds to support the agency. Thank you to our current and former board members.

 Board of Directors

  • Curtis Rodriguez-Porter III, President
  • Ronald Funaro, Jr., Vice President
  • Andrew Wrobel, Secretary
  • Richard Kimball, Treasurer
  • Joseph DeMaio
  • Tara C. Kennedy
  • Dale Hoyt
  • IN MEMORIAM: Jerimarie Liesegang
  • Lawrence Samuel Young III
  • Nicholas Sheridan
  • Jason Zaino

Board Member Duties

The three legally defined duties that must be met as the board carries out its governing role are Duties of Care, Loyalty and Obedience. The Board of Directors is the legal decision-making entity of HGLHC and board members are responsible for their decisions.

  • Duty of Care – Requires that a board member act as any prudent person would in a like circumstance. This requires that a board member be diligent, attentive and informed.
  • Duty of Loyalty – Requires that a board member act in good faith and in the best interest of the organization. Duty of loyalty ensures procedural safeguards when there is a conflict of interest, such as when a board member is on both sides of a transaction.
  • Duty of Obedience – Ensures that the organization operates (1) in keeping with the laws and rules governing its formation and status and (2) in accordance with its own bylaws and mission.


Serving on the board carries great responsibility. If you are interested in helping shape the future of the Health Collective, please contact us.