We are honored to host The Twenty Club – New England’s Transsexual Support Group!

They meet at HGLHC every 2nd Saturday, from 2 pm to 5 pm in HGLHC’s Green Room.

For more information, please visit The Twenty Club’s Facebook page.


Twenty Club mission statement:

Nature: The Twenty Club is a support group run by and for the transsexual community. Our Purpose is to provide knowledgeable information and ongoing peer support to transsexuals though the many stages of their transition. Friends and relatives are encouraged to attend in the hope of gaining a greater understanding and acceptance of their loved one’s gender dysphoria. The Twenty Club is non-profit and non-sexual. We are not a religious organization and have no affiliation with any religious denomination or government institution. We hold no prejudice against any other group of people

Services: The Twenty Club, Inc. publishes occasional newsletters, Twenty, serving persons with gender dysphoria and helping professionals. We meet on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month. Meetings are structured to provide support, information and open, accepting understanding. On occasion, we have professional speakers on educational and medical subjects of interest to gender dysphoric persons. Additionally, we have social get-togethers, club parties, outreach to New England and New York gender organizations, and a speakers bureau. Smoking is not allowed during our meeting. Local ordinances restrict smoking to outside the building. During the course of the meeting, we enjoy a half hour break, during which people are encouraged to get to know one another and to help themselves to food and beverages. Please feel free to bring food and/or beverages to share with our group.

Security: We are a peer support group, not a dating service or an instant source of new best friends. Persons interested in attending meetings are welcome to come so long as they have a personal interest in gender dysphoria, understand the supportive nature of our group, and are willing to respect the anonymity of all persons attending. At no time may another persons name, address, telephone number, or any personal information be given out without full permission of that individual. Cameras, recording devices and members of the media are not allowed at our meetings.