We are proud to have met and work with Hartford Police Officer and LGBTQ Liaison Kelly A. Baerga.

Officer Baerga is available for questions, helping with safety concerns, hate crimes, to speak to LGBTQ groups, and to improve LGBTQ-police relations in Hartford and beyond.

Her mission includes:

  • Fostering positive relations between the LGBTQ community and the Hartford Police Department by providing a liaison for community members who may be victims of crime, or otherwise in need of services.
  • Assist in productive dialogue with patrol, Community Policing and various investigative units concerning LGBTQ related crimes through diversity and sensitivity training.
  • Works in partnership with other City agencies, other law enforcement entities, and community based organizations by conducting community outreach, education, and involvement in other related LGBTQ related issues.
  • To encourage the respectful exchange of mutual support among LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ Officers in the areas of equal opportunity in recruitment, hiring, retention, discipline, promotion, and benefits.
  • To create a safe, secure, and non-hostile work environment in which LGBTQ Officers are supported and mentored through the challenge of “coming out” in the workplace.

To get in touch with Officer Baerga, call 860-757-4005 or email her here.

Her official website includes valuable safety tips and more.