Due to increased demand you must call to schedule an appointment. Call 860-278-4163.

We are NOT accepting Walk-Ins during our evening clinics.

STD and HIV Testing Services:

Amongst the services offered are:

  • STD/STI (Sexually-transmitted diseases and infections) Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Hepatitis C testing
  • Hepatitis A & B Immunization
  • PAP Testing
  • Pelvic Exams
  • Breast Exams & Mammogram Referrals
  • HIV Testing (by appointment only, recommended donation of $40) – lab based / rapid or both!
  • PrEP Referrals

Our standard STD/STI testing includes:

  • a urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea
  • blood test for syphilis
  • a swab for gonorrhea throat infection in those symptomatic or those who perform oral sex
  • anal swab for gonorrhea in those who have symptoms or have anal sex without protection
  • Hepatitis C test for baby boomers or those at risk
  • Hepatitis B test, including to test for immunity (if no immunity, we can vaccinate)
  • HIV testing can be done via rapid test or by lab if an official lab report is needed or wanted (such as for a PrEP referral)

At patient request or if recommended by the provider we can also perform:

  • herpes blood test (IgG / IgM antibody tests)
  • herpes PCR (from a swab of suspected lesions)

Hours: NO WALK-INS – Please Call for an Appointment!

The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective Clinic is open from 6pm to 8pm Mondays and Thursdays. We are closed for inclement weather and Federal holidays such as Memorial Day, MLK Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays, etc.

Please call to make an appointment at 860-278-4163.


STD tests AND treatment costs only $40!  If you can’t afford it, let us know – we can often help!

If you would like to make an appointment or have questions, please contact Josh or Miguel at (860) 278-4163. We also have extensive experience providing one-on-one and group education on HIV, STDs, and safer sex.