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Call us at 860-278-4163 to make an appointment. We strongly encourage you to get tested for STDs at the same time if you haven’t been tested in the last 3 months if you have been sexually active.

Rapid Testing

An oral swab test (Oraquick Advanced) is used and you get results back within 20 minutes.

This test will detect HIV if you were infected more than 3 months ago.

During the 20 minutes, our trained HIV testers will assess your risk factors, answer questions you may have, and give you the latest information on HIV, such as  U=U (undetectable is untransmittable).

What if I Get a Rapid Test and it Comes Back Positive?

Anytime someone has a rapid HIV test that indicates a preliminary positive result, we will do an HIV blood test and send it to our lab, to confirm the results and determine the type of HIV.

HIV Blood Test

We draw your blood, and send it to our lab. This is known as “fourth generation” testing and is more sensitive than the rapid test, meaning that it may detect HIV sooner.

The lab will automatically do confirmatory testing if the initial tests are positive. The lab will also test for hepatitis and syphilis.

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

We can help refer you to a prescriber and get access to PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – known as Truvada or Descovy). These are once-a-day pills that prevent HIV infection. The first step is getting an HIV test and STD testing.

Couples Sessions

Many people would like to get tested with their partner, whether a long-term relationship or a new relationship. We offer couples counseling so you can get tested together and discuss how to keep each other safe.