Our work is not done!  Our mission is as important as ever! And we need YOUR help.

Homophobia is alive and well.  The HIV Pandemic continues to rebound among young gay men. LGBT suicide continues to take our young.

At the same time we continue to WIN state by state, with New Jersey couples winning in the courts most recently.  We now have Federal recognition.

IMG_8188 - Gov. Malloy & Guests - OBE 2011

On October 26, we are holding our 11th annual OneBigEvent gala. It’s a chance for YOU to help us continue our mission while rubbing shoulders with our allied politicians, business leaders, and others.

OBE is our major fundraising effort of the year – and also provides huge publicity for us and the LGBT cause. It’s a fun event – helps us help you – and says the world – “We are NOT going away!  We are not going back to the closet!  We are not giving an inch in our struggle for equality, health and equal access!”

Please visit the OBE site and buy your tickets online.  We will again be holding our famous silent and live auctions, entertainment by Shaded Soul band, and more.

If you can’t attend, please consider donating online – or volunteering.

We love you, welcome you – and truly hope you can join us on October 26 for a fabulous evening!