The CEO of pasta giant Barilla, Guido Barilla, says that he seeks a “classic family” for his company’s products, where the “woman plays a fundamental role.”

I was recently interviewed on Fox Connecticut following his remarks.

I want to say that his statement is both homophobic and misogynist. Families come in all shapes and sizes. The supposed-1950s “ideal” of a working man, stay-at-home mom (who cooks and cleans), and 2.3 kids and a dog is not a realistic reflection of the modern family. It was never even a true reflection of families in the 1950s to begin with!

The “ideal family” model is also a harmful stereotype because it defines any other family arrangement as inferior.

With so many LGBT people having strained relationships with their biological families because of outdated stereotypes and hatred – many LGBT people refer to their “chosen families.”  At HGLHC we try and take this a step further – we treat everyone who comes to us as part of our extended family.

We welcome you, help you, support you & are there for you through your struggles, health scares, the good times and the bad times. Pasta or not.