As our executive director noted in the latest blog entry, we have tested several hundred people so far this year at HGLHC for HIV, and other STDs. Seven gay men have tested positive for HIV.

HIV is still here. The plague is not over. Gay men, straight women, young and old continue to become infected.

We are grateful that HIV is not the death sentence it once was. The latest medications may give those with HIV their lives back.

This not mean that sex is now without risk: HIV is NOT yet curable. There is NO vaccine. HIV is with you for life.

There are No stupid Questions

There are many people who call us up – asking about safer sex, or how HIV is spread, or how to discuss their status with partners.

Never assume your partner is negative. Never assume they know how to use a condom. Not everyone knows what types of lube are condom-safe.

It’s okay if you don’t know these things either – that’s what we’re here for – to answer YOUR questions and help YOU stay safe.

The first step is getting tested yourself and knowing your status.

The confidential test takes about 20 minutes and does not involve blood, just a mouth swab. Call us at 860-278-4163 if you have questions or want to get tested.

If you are sexually-active we recommend you get tested every six months.