Thank you to RealArtWays in Hartford and Marriage Rally Connecticut for hosting a fun-filled, poignant “victory celebration” following the Supreme Court marriage equality rulings on June 26. It was a pleasure to see so many of our friends from TrueColors, our  Medical Director Dr. Ken Abriola, and many couples of all ages at the celebration.  Several of the couples brought their young children – who will now enjoy the protections and dignities that children of heterosexual married couples enjoy.

While our work is not done – we still must end the scourge of suicide, homelessness and self-loathing that exists in our community and the continuing toll of HIV – this week’s marriage equality ruling does prove that It Does Get Better!

This is why we are so passionate – the future is bright and we want every person regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity to be able to enjoy all the good things that are coming!

Thank you to all the heroes of civil rights who each contributed to this week’s gift – from the abolitionists, to the suffragettes to our heroes and Stonewall. Thank you.