A couple weeks ago, one of my nieces texted me “What is happening….down south?” She was, of course referring to all of the legislative activities happening in states including North Carolina, Tennessee, and  Mississippi.

She referred to it all as “crazy”. And I agreed.

The thing is, we can’t just let crazy be. We need to be there for our LGBT family around the country.  And, even though we are in Connecticut, with so many protections in place, we need to be aware of what is happening around the country that could negatively impact any of us, including those of us here in CT.

So, while a “butch” lesbian or “effeminate” gay man or a transgender individual is relatively safe in Connecticut, what happens when these folks travel out of the state? Will their safety and civil liberties be placed at risk due to the varying laws around the country?  And, I can only imagine the fear that our LGBT family members, especially transgender individuals, have been experiencing in their home states where bigotry and hatred are alive and well.

Stay informed. Take action.