Grace Figueredo - OBE Michael Wilson - OBE Segarra & Blumenthal - OBE


Something as big as the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective’s 13th One Big Event doesn’t happen without the help and support of others. Many others. We appreciate the help of all our volunteers, including the OBE Committee: Chair John McGarvey, Linda Estabrook, Donna Gerard, Kevin Laugherty, Dan Millett and Stacie Watson. We send a big shout out to all the attendees and donors. A high five for our Table Captains. A big “Thanks!” to our silent and live auction donors. We appreciate the individuals, organizations and businesses who advertised in our program book. And a special nod to our sponsors for their support now and in the past.

We look forward to partnering with all of you again in 2016. Thanks!

A special thanks as well to Tom Hurlbut for the photos!