Who knew shopping could do so much good?  We all know that shopping is a lot of fun.  Sometimes there is remorse.  But shopping at the One Big Event auction is a guilt free experience.  Knowing that you’re supporting the good work of the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective will assuage any pangs of guilt.  Indulge yourself or splurge on others. The more you spend – the better you feel.  Really.

There are so many options you won’t know where to begin.  From meals at great restaurants, tickets to exciting shows and events and trips to favorite getaway destinations you won’t know where to start.  But there’s more!  For your home there are beautiful crafts and decorations, antiques and services so you won’t have to lift a finger.  You or your special someone will look and feel great with spa treatments, gym memberships and stylish clothes and accessories.  Your credit card will have skid marks by the time the night is over.  But just keep saying to yourself, “This is so worth it.  I’m helping out the Health Collective!”  Your shopping is much appreciated!

“We’re still looking for items to make this a memorable auction for this year’s One Big Event,” said Auction Coordinator Kevin Laugherty.  If you have a service, certificate, trip or item that you would like to donate, contact Kevin.  Your donation will help make some shopper very happy.  Your donation is much appreciated!

Click here to download our 2015 OBE Auction Donor Form.