Even in our progressive State of Connecticut, the fear and hatred of LGBT people still appears. As we continue to be visible and work to gain the rights and benefits of full citizens, we also experience ignorance and acts of violence against us.
The recent proposed legislation to eliminate medical insurance coverage for surgery and related expenses for transgender individuals was met primarily with support and understanding. However, it also met with an awful, hurtful comment from at least one member of the public. In one online posting an individual indirectly related transgender individuals to monkeys, stating he wanted to be a “Monkey” and his “quality of life will suffer” without the surgery.
And just this week there was vandalism of an art exhibit at UCONN, presented in advance of the annual True Colors conference. The vandals broke into the art space, damaging some of the works, and writing the words “God hates the gays” in a notebook.
We are all in this together. We all have the opportunity to inform, educate, support, and defend each other. Let’s do it!