December 2014 Appeal Letter - On Letterhead#GivingTuesday – Give Back

On the Tuesday after CyberMonday and Black Friday – it’s time to support your favorite non-profit org!

From Executive Director Linda Estabrook

Dear Friend,

Did you know that if you Google “Hartford” and “gay” that the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective is the first thing that pops up? It’s true. Because of this unique singularity, many people contact us. They call us, friend us on Facebook, respond to us on Manhunt and even show up at our door. And they reach out for a variety of reasons, not all of them medical in nature. We’re happy to answer questions about what the LGBT community in Connecticut is like; who is a gay friendly primary care physician?; where are places to meet other women?; is there an endocrinologist in my city who has worked with trans clients?; are there activities for queer youth?; my boyfriend is abusing me; I’m homeless and need a place to stay. The list is long and varied.

Despite the efficiency of the web, people are so happy to have someone who takes the time to have a conversation and answer their questions. The one on one connection we provide is invaluable. We take the time to talk with people and patiently answer their questions: walking a nervous client through their first HIV test or explaining what’s involved in getting a Pap smear and pelvic exam or the proper way to brush and floss your teeth. But we’re not just about medical issues; the scope of our outreach is far greater. We are a wellspring of information for just about anything happening in the Connecticut LGBT community. We’re a resource for thousands of people every year.

That’s why the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective is here. People come to us because we are connected to so many individuals, groups and resources in the community. We are an organization with a dedicated staff and over 100 enthusiastic volunteers. Together, we work to make the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective an organization we all can be proud of. We’re a resource that everyone can use. Our community depends on the bonds that link us together. The Health Collective is the core of this network in the greater Hartford area.

This wonderful benefit is possible because of generous donors like you. You help make our community informed, connected and healthy. And isn’t that a wonderful gift for the LGBT community and our allies? Please give generously so that a ringing phone can be picked up, an urgent question can be answered and someone can make the right decision that could change their life. Friends just like you have kept the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective strong and thriving for over three decades. People still have questions about health, resources and community here in Hartford. With your help, the Health Collective will continue to provide the answers.

With gratitude,


Linda Estabrook, MPH

Executive Director