What is plaque……….

………besides that framed achievement certificate hanging on your wall ?

In 1911 a Tulane medical doctor became frustrated with his tendency for bleeding gums. Nothing that his dentists recommended was working so he did some experiments of his own: he scraped off the film he felt on his teeth and looked at it under a microscope. There he found numerous colonies of bacteria.

He resolved to remove this film every day to see if it made a difference. He began using silk string between his teeth and angling his brush to reach below his gums. And it worked! The method of brushing he devised is still in use today as the “Bass” method. However, it was not until the late 1960’s that more research was conducted to determine the exact causes of dental disease. The term “plaque” began to be used to describe this film.

Plaque is made of well-organized bacterial colonies housed in a slime layer, also composed of food debris and dead tissue cells. This is what you feel when you wake up in the morning (after not brushing the night before) and your teeth feel as if they are wearing fuzzy sweaters. It is a good idea before you rinse off your brush to take your tongue and feel around for these sweaters then go back and re-brush them off!

Your breath will be fresher and your gums healthier!