Have you ever heard that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth? This is not exactly true. A dog’s mouth can have almost the same amount of bacteria as a human’s but these are bacteria that only dogs have.  This is why not all dog bites become infected but all human bites do.  So watch what you bite, OK?

There are 20 billion microbes in the human mouth. There is strength in numbers as far as oral bacteria are concerned. They like to congregate on the teeth and multiply often to numbers great enough to infect the gum tissue and get into the blood vessels.

Oral bacteria have been found in the ‘plaque’ found in the blood vessels of heart attack and stroke victims. Diabetics have a lessened ability to fight off systemic infectious disease. The cleaner your mouth is and the healthier the gum tissue, the less likely it is for bacteria to enter the blood stream and the healthier your body will be. THE HEALTHIER YOUR MOUTH IS, THE HEALTHIER YOU WILL BE!

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