Want to shop in Arizona? The Christian Business Networking group  in Arizona has made it easy for us to take our business elsewhere.  Just visit their website to identify  businesses in their network and then GO ELSEWHERE!!

Alternatively, you can visit  LGBT Chamber of Commerce websites in places like Phoenix and Tucson.  Find businesses that do want our business. Support them!!

It is amazing in 2014 that our community still has to deal with such bigotry and discrimination.   And it isn’t just the networking group backing discriminatory legislation.  It is the  legislature of the State of Arizona too.  I find myself just sitting here shaking my head.

Imagine using valuable time and energy to pass a bill to limit our public access to businesses.  What’s next?  Will we have to wear signs on our foreheads to identify ourselves as LGBT?  Or will the straight people have to wear signs to identify that they are the “worthy” ones?

Such efforts WILL fail in the long run. There is much more support, and growing support, for LGBT people and our rights.