1094600_10200412417008004_1081296647_oWe recently learned that back in April one of our active volunteers was a co-author in a paper published in the journal Protein Science for an article on increasing membrane protein yields – an important step in studying the structure of cells!

William Si is not just a named co-author in a scientific journal. He is an active volunteer in our clinic helping with front-desk duties and testing for HIV. A certified EMT in Pennsylvania, William is active in our MpowerCT Project while studying for his PharmD degree at the University of Saint Joseph in Hartford.

Congratulations to William – and thank you to all our volunteers, from our expert doctors and nurses to those who spend hours answering the phones and assembling our safer sex kits ahead of outreach events.

Meet Our Volunteers

Are you coming to OneBigEvent this year?

If you are you will meet many of our volunteers. Whether your’e joining us at the gala or not, you too can become a volunteer!  We always have positions to fill for both those with medical training and those without.