Condom broke?  Had unprotected sex (bareback) and worried?

Sometimes things happen. When started within 48-72 hours following a high-risk exposure, post-exposure prophylaxis can reduce the chances of your becoming HIV+.

PEP is also sometimes called nPEP (non-occupational) post-exposure prophylaxis. The key is speed – report to your nearest Emergency Department to get PEP medication.

AIDS Connecticut nPEP Program for Sexual Assault Survivors

Helps pay for medication for sexual assault survivors. Reimbursement forms online.

  • Contact Shawn M. Lang, ACT’s Director of Public Policy, at 860-247-AIDS x319

PEP Hotline, New York State


General information on PEP vs PrEP (pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and list of PEP providers nationally.

National Clinicians’ Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Hotline (PEPline)

Advising clinicians on whether a person should receive PEP. 

  • 1-888-448-4911  9am – 2am (Pacific Time) 7 days / week